AWEA Media Training 101 Webinar: Increase Your Comfort Level When Speaking to the Media

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Reporters come to work looking for something unexpected stimulating even controversial. You can help them do their job without falling into their traps. In this information-packed webinar for any company staff who may be speaking with reporters we cover the world of reporters as told by industry insiders who have lived it. We discuss soundbites that make good social media as well as leading to better coverage of your company. We offer unforgettable advice for “saying what you came there to say” avoiding questions you don't like (without looking bad) and staying on message to provide maximum results for your company and wind energy. You'll hear from AWEA Vice President of Public Affairs Peter Kelley a former award-winning investigative reporter and AWEA Media Relations Officer Evan Vaughan who talks to reporters every day. Who Should Register for this Recording? Project developers and plant managers as well as company communications staff -- anyone who may be interviewed and wants to perform well.

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