WINDPOWER 2019 Session Recordings

WINDPOWER 2019 Session Recordings

Conference Proceedings

Sessions Include:

General Session

U.S. Wind Outlook: Where, When, and How Much?

Growing & Evolving Customer Demands for Renewable Energy

​ New Winds on the Horizon – Where Will the Wind Blow in Terms of Financing Structures Going Forward?

Development in the 2020s: More Sites and Megawatts Through Permitting and Repowering

​Large Turbine Manufacturers Forum​

APQP4Wind, the “New Normal” for Wind Industry Suppliers: What it Means for Your Business

Superpower: Building the Lines to a Clean Energy Economy

​​The Rise of the Hybrid Project and What You Should Know ​

Power of Storytelling Through Video to Change the Conversation and Inspire

Wind Power and Cybersecurity – Managing the Winds of Change

​Operational Strategies for an Aging Fleet

​A Root Cause Analysis Tool: Why the 5 Whys?

​How High Performing Technology Impacts Curtailment Strategies to Protect Wildlife

​Resource Assessment’s Role in the Future of Wind Energy ​

A Vision for the Power System of the Future with Wind Energy Abundance ​

A Grid Fit for the Future: Integrating More Wind in a Resilient and Affordable System

​Commercial Impact of Wind Turbine Wakes​

​Site Performance Challenges and Opportunities

Staying Ahead of the Curve and Avoiding Costly Pitfalls in Predictive Analytics​ ​

Executive Panel on Public Acceptance: Confronting the Reality on the Ground​

​CapEx Threat: Innovations to Overcome Large Turbine EPC Challenges

​What’s New in Renewable Energy Finance

​Interview with DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Hedging Your Bets: How to Crack International Markets

A Green New Deal, an Infrastructure Bill or a Carbon Tax – What Will Congress Do?​

Electricity Market Design Evolution to Efficiently Integrate Wind and Other Emerging Technologies

The Role of Wind in a Distributed Energy Future

Building the Wind Workforce